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from 'Belongings'


Contemporary Ballad

vocal range



Home is the finalé from our song cycle, Belongings which tells the story of two intertwining family trees. It is a heartwarming ballad sung by a parent who has recently passed away, comforting their daughter who is grieving and having to sell their family home, leaving all of their childhood memories. They explain that home isn’t about where you grow up or how big a place is, but your relationship to it -- if you fill a house with memories and people that you care about, it will feel as warm as your childhood home, and your family will always be there to guide you in your mind even after they’re gone.

The song was a finalist for the Stiles & Drewe Best New Song Prize in 2020, where the song was performed by Louise Dearman (Wicked, Guys and Dolls). You can watch the performance here.


This was originally written for a female-identifying character but can be performed by someone of any gender. There are different key options available upon request via our contact page.

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